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"Instant Replay is perfect for sports switching its simple, flexible, and best of all, rock-solid reliable. It gives our productions the benefit of often-asked-for, professional-looking replay without any extra hardware." - Steve Clay, Bullpen Media
Instant Replay : Tool
Multi-Camera Slow-Motion Replay
Module Price:$600.00

First introduced in 2007, our Instant Replay broke new ground with its approach of event capture and instant slow-motion replay with the click of a single button. It later grew to include features such as event categorization and single-click highlights generation. As an add-on for Master Control, we've taken it to a whole new level with multi-camera support, and the ability to integrate and customize replays within the workflow of other production hardware/software. For example, by integrating Master Control plus Instant Replay, Score Keeper, and Twitter add-ons with a NewTek TriCaster, extensive macro functionalities make it possible to completely automate a production segment. From the moment of a score, a single button click can trigger a sequence including scoreboard overlay updates, switcher transitioning, instant slow-motion replay, score tweeting, and more.

Other replay systems require both in and out points to be set to mark a replay segment. Too often the important action is missed by the replay operator having to guess when something is going to happen, before it happens, in the attempt to set an in point. This approach can result in hundreds of unimportant events being marked - serving only to make it more difficult to locate the important action. For most sports, our single click approach is the best way to handle instant replays to insure nothing important is missed. It also allows you to focus your attention on more important aspects of the production. For other sports, such as football, where a replay is based on the start and stop of a play, a Mark In+Out mode is also provided.

Replays can be immediately recalled using definable presets - including parameters for speed, time, bus preset, and camera. To easily locate replays, events can be tagged with text comments, as well as grouped into customizable categories (Home Goals, Fights, Period 1, etc). Sessions can be saved for post-production editing, providing you with quick recall of all the events, group assignments, and comments. Individual events or groups can be reviewed easily to select the best action for news broadcasts and highlight reels.

Instant Replay uses existing record capabilities on the device being controlled to implement replay functionality. It does not provide additional record capability. For devices that support simultaneous recordings, multi-camera replays are possible. The following table defines the supported number of replay channels:
NewTek TriCaster Model:40410455/460855/8608000
Replay Channels11377

  • Editable event groups
  • Event marking: Single-Click, Mark In+Out
  • Eight customizable presets: Speed, Time, Preset, Camera
  • Simultaneous recording during replays
  • Clip duration display
  • Automatic effect in/out selection
  • Shared use of DDR for replay playback
  • Session load/save
  • Macro support: see Controls below
  • Events: Event Select, Group Assign, Group Select, Mark In/Out
  • Replays: Replay
  • Session: Start/Stop
One of the following modules is required:
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