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Score Keeper : Tool
Intelligent Sports Scorebar Generator
Module Price:$600.00

Score Keeper is an intelligent scorebar overlay generator. Professional scoring for sporting or other events is now simple and affordable too - whether you are streaming live to the internet, broadcasting for television, or enhancing pre-recorded event footage.

First introduced in 2003, Score Keeper broke new ground with its approach of one-click scoring. As an add-on for Master Control, we've taken it to a whole new level with the ability to integrate and customize sport scoring within the workflow of other production hardware/software. For example, by integrating Master Control plus Instant Replay, Score Keeper, and Twitter add-ons with a NewTek TriCaster, extensive macro functionalities make it possible to completely automate a production segment. From the moment of a score, a single button press can trigger a sequence including scoreboard overlay updates, switcher transitioning, instant slow-motion replay, score tweeting, and more.

Customizaton options and macro functions provide control of the look and feel of just about everything in the scorebar... including fonts, colors, labels, styles, timers, logos, and more.

In addition to manual and macro controlled operation, when used with NewTek LiveText, physical scoreboard data feeds can also set elements directly for DataLink supported scoreboards.

Production Scenarios
In scenarios such as with single operator productions, independent elements of the scorebar, such as clocks, timeouts, etc, can at any time be hidden/shown, allowing you to focus your attention on other production needs while still maintaining an active scorebar with the elements you want. Other simplification modes are also provided to ease the stress of monitoring all the elements of the scorebar. As well, the ability to combine multiple controls and functions into single click macros results in a much less stressful workflow.

For productions where multiple operators are present, the abilty for Master Control to interact with other Master Controls allows futher enhanced functionality... Giving each operator control of specific functions they want to focus on, combined with the ability to signal and interact with another Master Control unit/operator, where other actions are being performed at the same time.

  • Multiple sports included: See list below
  • Highly customizable graphics
  • Automatic timer based statuses ("Goal", "Touchdown", etc)
  • Info Bar pop-up for user provided information
  • Clocks (Game/Play) modes: Standard (Count Down) and Elapsed (Count Up)
  • Clock editor
  • Definable options for rule variations (timeouts, clock times, etc)
  • Definable Periods
  • Session load/save
  • Macro support: see Controls below
Sport Features
  • Basketball: Score, Timeout, Foul, Possession, Double/Bonus, Period, Game Clock, Play Clock
  • Football: Score, Timeout, Flag, Possession, Down and Distance, PAT, Period, Game Clock, Play Clock
  • Handball: Score, Ace, Timeout, Serve, Game Score, Period
  • Hockey: Score, Shots on Goal, Timeout, Empty Net, Penalties, Period, Game Clock
  • Raquetball: Score, Ace, Timeout, Serve, Game Score, Period
  • Ringette: Score, Shots on Goal, Timeout, Empty Net, Penalties, Period, Game Clock
  • Rugby: Score, Flags, Game Clock
  • Soccer: Score, Flags, Game Clock
  • Volleyball: Score, Timeout, Serve, Game Score
  • Coming Soon: Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, MMA, Squash, Tennis, Wrestling
  • CG: Layout, Update
  • Clocks: Game/Play (Reset, Set, Show, Start/Stop)
  • Configuration: Clocks (Edit First, Elapsed, Hint Only Show/Duration), Flags/Scores/Statuses (Color BG/Text), Sport (Select, Open, Options), Station/Teams (Color BG/Text, Logo, Name, Style), Timeouts (Color On/Off)
  • Configuration: Sessions: New, Open, Save, Save As
  • Info Bar: Show, Text, Update
  • Statuses: Show, Text, Update
  • Sport: All: Home/Visitor (Flags 1/2, Possession, Scores 1/2, Timeout), Period, Scores 2 (Show), Timeouts (Show),
  • Sport: Other: Sport specific controls vary depending on the sport
Value Setters
  • Home: Name, Score, Score2
  • Visitor: Name, Score, Score2
One of the following modules is required:
NewTek TriCaster Model:404104608608000
*NewTek LiveText RequiredYESNONONONO

Leading broadcasters, sports, media, and other organizations rely on our flexible software and robust technology every day. We make it easier for them to add creative polish to their productions, and be on time - every time.
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