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ABC "Master Control is an amazing addition to any broadcast. It provides the missing link for fast-paced, intensive productions, by enabling users to program macros to reliably reproduce complex tasks that would be impossible to do manually. For news, sports, or really anything else, I wouldn't want to switch a show without one anymore." - Kris Gurrad, ABC/KATU-TV
Master Control
Master Control
Master Control is a customizable system for controlling devices and software of various kinds. It integrates our time proven technologies, relied upon by industry leaders, to provide complex macro based control of multiple devices simultaneously with the simplicity of single keypresses. Do things you only dreamed about until now. It revolutionizes workflow and introduces exciting new functionality and ease of use for operators.

Meetings, House of Worship, Sports, and More...

What does it do for YOU?
  • Improves production quality
  • Increases productivity
  • Offers flexibility
  • Simplifies complex tasks
  • Makes the impossible possible
  • Shortens training time
  • Reduces costs
Highlighted Features
  • Connect input controllers and map controls to any functions of output modules
  • Tool add-ons such as instant replay and scheduling for output modules
  • Redundant and/or independent control of two or more of the same module
  • Collaboration and control with multiple Master Control units
  • Simultaneous module control from multiple Master Control units
  • Enhanced macro and parameter editing
  • Map design tools
  • Wired ethernet (along with wireless)
  • Add-Ons Store

IntuitiveIntuitive touch based interface can be customized to your exact needs. Create and save multiple layouts tailored for different projects and producers.
MacrosPowerful step/time macros execute a series of complex steps with a single touch, timed exactly to your production's needs. Increase productivity and eliminate operator error by reducing complicated tasks to the touch of a single button. Control one or more modules all from the same macro.
PortableThe compact footprint of Master Control fits into any studio or location production.
Universal ControlExpandable design allows operators to customize Master Control to operate a myriad of devices and software.
FlexibilityMultiple Master Control units can operate together. Tasks can be shared among multiple simultaneous operators. Get interactive with your projects by having one Master Control signal and control another.
RedundancyIdentically control two or more of the same module automatically.

Leading broadcasters, sports, media, and other organizations rely on our flexible software and robust technology every day. We make it easier for them to add creative polish to their productions, and be on time - every time.
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